How to obtain visa to travel to Nepal?

You can obtain “VISA” to Nepal through embassy or other diplomatic mission to your country. You can also obtain visa at entry points to Nepal, or at the airport in the Immigration for merely $40. The extension of visa requires an additional payment of $30. Do not forget to carry some passport size photos with you.

How to obtain visa to travel to Nepal?

Nepal government allow visa on arrival for most of the European and American citizen. So, you can obtain visa at entry points of Nepal, TIA (Tribhuwan International Airport). For more details visit Department of Immigration office of Nepal.

What is the best time to visit?

Spring and autumn season are considered as the best season. Most of the travelers Choose these time. April to May and September to mid of November are busy season for trekking and hiking. However, other season are also considered to be best depends on trip package.

What are the main tourist attractions of Nepal?

There are multiple options for traveling to Nepal. Nepal is home of mountains, flora-Fauna and people’s culture. Despite being as a mountainous country, Nepal offer Adventurous trekking in mountain and peak climbing. Exploring people’s culture and Lifestyle is obviously the remarkable part.

Does Nepal offers spiritual tour?

Yes, being as a birth place of lord buddha and origin of Hinduism it is hub for spiritual aspects. One of the highly respected and renown temple called Pashupatinath is situated in Kathmandu Nepal. Every Hindus from all over the world wish to visit this temple once in a lifetime. And Lumbini, Birthplace of Lord Buddha, SwyambuNath, and Buddhanath stupa are the major buddhist sites which are holy place for both Buddhist and Hindu.

Is Travel insurance necessary for travel to Nepal?

Yes, tavel insurance is most necessary while going abroad for travel purpose. And obviously it is important for travel to Nepal as well. Specially for climbing expedition and such adventurous trip, every clients should have travel insurance. You must provide Insurance copy while booking your trip.