About Booking

The booking with South Col Adventures and paying a non-refundable booking deposit which usually will be 10% of the cost. Acceptance of your booking will be confirmed via email and payment date.


Our prices are based on cost and exchange rates applicable when the brochures and website were updated. And the important point that plays a key role to fix the cost is package grade. The price differs from the service standard and clients' requirements. However, some basic costs are the same for all clients like Government permits, admin costs, domestic flights, and transportation. The per-person cost of the package depends on many things like the date of the booking, the number of people at a time. And South Col Adventures Pvt.Ltd does not guarantee that all our clients or members of the group are paying the same amount for any particular package.

Cancellations or Refund

The deposited amount will not refund in 40 days before the trip/tour. If the amount is not paid by the due date our company will regard the booking as canceled. If cancellation is made just before 40 days of your trip start the original deposits will be forfeited.

Emergency cases

South Col Adventures will not liable for any delay in, change to, or cancellation of trips due to International flight, political strike, weather, or your personal health condition.

Changes on package

For your acknowledgment that traveling with South Col Adventures requires a degree of flexibility and an understanding that the itinerary or mode of transportation may change. The changes may occur because of “Force Majeure”, poor road condition and flight delay, etc. And we are not responsible for the loss of enjoyment, delays, or compensation resulting from circumstances beyond its control.

Health and Physical fitness

We will not recommend you to travel while in the physical and mental problems. If you are suffering from any kind of disses, we do not refer to visit. But there is always a chance for those who are physically disabled, we treat them well. And we make the package like accessible tourism. But you must need to expose clearly where you need an extra assistant or not. We promote accessible tourism for those who are physically disabled.

Travel Insurance

You must have travel insurance while visiting Nepal. Especially for those who are going high Himalaya for adventures trekking and climbing expedition the travel insurance is most important. We do not accept those clients for climbing and trekking in High Mountain who do not have their travel insurance.

Passport and Visa

You must carry a valid passport and have a valid visa. We would like to make sure that you have a valid passport for 6 months beyond the duration of the trips. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate visa. We cannot hold the responsibility if you are refused by the government of Nepal because of your passport and visa.

If you have any questions or concussion regarding the above terms and conditions please feel free to ask these with the representative with whom you are dealing.